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Stop and Step
💰💰💰 Visit bit.ly/TOP-CASINOS for my favourite ONLINE CASINOS ! 💰💰💰
Comment from : Stop and Step

Seth Wakely
May I ask you a question regarding dream Vegas
Comment from : Seth Wakely

Seth Wakely
Stop and step may I ask you a question?
Comment from : Seth Wakely

Isaac Ingram
Love your vids man, entered your comp too btw :)
Comment from : Isaac Ingram

buffalo gold for vegas
Comment from : nostromo

Brian Broadhirst
stop the reels sometimes u will do better
Comment from : Brian Broadhirst

Adam Bumble
Bonus always do the same, paying big at the start, to draw people in, thinking the slots are great! Always by the time you meet water you're left with nothing or peanuts.
Comment from : Adam Bumble

Adam Bumble
On genie you should have bought the bonus
Comment from : Adam Bumble

John Hall
Hi when you go to Vegas try RUN FOR YOUR MONEY also PIGGY BANKING hope you have a great time looking forward to watching in you win maybe 7000 dollars to recoup your losses from your last visit enjoy
Comment from : John Hall

ciocoiu ciprian
Comment from : ciocoiu ciprian

Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos
Unlucky mate
Comment from : Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos

Good Videos As Always U Have inspired me to make my own channel playing slots never thought of recording them untill i seen your channel all the best :)

can i get a shoutout???

Comment from : Snedz1967

Francisco Nogueira
Love channel mate can I get a shout out
Comment from : Francisco Nogueira

VALIS Machine
Locking wilds is good on Genie Wildways
Comment from : VALIS Machine

Daniel Christie
Can I get shout out bro and play some Siberian storm pls
Comment from : Daniel Christie

Ged Woods
That’s nasty. Fiver a spin and the bonuses are rubbish.
Comment from : Ged Woods

Ged Woods
That’s nasty. Fiver a spin and the bones are rubbish.
Comment from : Ged Woods

james Hunt
Rhino is a crap game for wagering mate
Comment from : james Hunt

Heather Hepplewhite
Play steam tower
Comment from : Heather Hepplewhite

Marc Berry
Hey darren I’m off to Vegas next month I hear if us uk residents hit it big out there or a hand pay they take 30% tax off us is that true I hear you can claim it back but it’s a bit of a nightmare I’d appreciate it if you know let me know cheers mate love your vids
Comment from : Marc Berry

Daniel Shepherd
Stay off this website it’s owned by white hat gaming limited, horrible company have you noticed no telephone number on the website because they only respond to your emails if they want to, they have had loads of complaints to the gambling Commission about them.
Comment from : Daniel Shepherd

Briliant games man, only that Genie megaways... :x Always sh!7
Comment from : [VideoSlotsSession]

JG Slots
Bonus Guarantee :(
Comment from : JG Slots

Rewind N
Whats his job
Comment from : Rewind N

Liam Fox
Play some lightning roulette 👍🏼 top game love the videos mate
Comment from : Liam Fox

And you will deposit again and again and again, and they will take your money and do you again and again and again XD
Comment from : COALA CHAOS

Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre
When your in Vegas play willy wonka and I think it’s called hiedi’s tavern
Comment from : Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre

Cheers mate, just used your favourite online casino link to join Dunder. Deposited £50 and after playing through the full wagering i'm withdrawing £400, not bad for 90min work!
Comment from : Carl

hate this game genie tight cunt
Comment from : insomniac69

Scott Linton
Can you please play Spartacus in coral
Comment from : Scott Linton

stone island
Unlucky darren, good luck in Vegas pal show us a massive jackpot 🍀🍀🍀
Comment from : stone island

donna taylor
Offfttt so basically it gave u no bad wins to start with them wagering requirements become a joke !!! They don’t not want to gae u any money back awfy expensive !!
think I will give this online one a miss

Comment from : donna taylor

love the online content darren, go live again one night, best of luck
Comment from : stonersid

The NS83
What a surprise not affiliated with any casino like that snide nick slots and quite a few others and you don't get any massive wins or cash outs. This lady's and gentlemen is how the average Joe fairs when they attempt to win money from online casinos
Comment from : The NS83

Tommy T
The genie game is a death trap. Even buying the bonuses can be shocking.
Comment from : Tommy T

mark kinrade
Shout out please mate. Love your videos. Play dragons rising. Good luck
Comment from : mark kinrade

mick owen
if u r in America how come the money symble is a pound sign and not dollors
Comment from : mick owen

Toby Howat
Shout out please❤️
Comment from : Toby Howat

Friend Of Merlin
Hi please review my channel I’m new any advice on recording in bookies and arcades would be great
Comment from : Friend Of Merlin

Ryan Jackson
No he can't meet wagering end vid
Comment from : Ryan Jackson

Racheal Parkinson
Hi could you play Diamond queen or Double Da Vinci in Vegas please. Good luck in Vegas.x
Comment from : Racheal Parkinson

Jay McCue
after watching yesterdays video i deposited £40, ripped through that in no time then was left with the £80 bonus funds which i hit a £1200 win on reactoonz on a 80p stake, smashed the wagering on games like napoleon and bonanza, withdrew £700 today so well chuffed
Comment from : Jay McCue

scott thomson
the wagering is to tempt you in,,,,give you a run off wins then take the lot near withdrawal,,,so you deposit more thinking you will get the run off wins,,,pure and utter con,,,,,,forget the wager and just play your own money,,,good luck in vegas
Comment from : scott thomson

Sgt C
Darren, long time lurker and fan. You play the bookies decent but online is a different system. The games you were playing except for a couple you were playing the wrong way.

Genie Jackpot unfortunately is a buy bonus game. When these online guys buy it. Even then the bonus itself is 50/50 crap. But they draw out the spins between bonus to make you buy it. There are quite a few like it extra chilly, fat Santa. The RTP in general is terrible on them.

The last game blue print bandit does have a bonus and it’s decent.

I highly recommend watching guys like the bandit and other online casino guys to get an idea of the decent rtp games. Also a medium sized spin online is like 2 pound/2.5 pound. When you were playing a fiver that’s pretty high.

Don’t listen to these haters of online casino streamers and gamers I’ve done good myself and I don’t stream. But there are games you play and some that just are not worth it and these other guys can help to give you an idea of the better rtp games.

It’s also a matter of some games are hot for you some are not. Find the ones that tend to hot streak for you better.

Have fun in vegas mate. Cheers

Comment from : Sgt C

Santa Flow
Im love your videos😍😍
Comment from : Santa Flow

NU-VO Clothing
Hi Darren, could I get a shout out? Also, could you play ‘The Walking Dead’ in Vegas? Good luck mate!
Comment from : NU-VO Clothing

Glen Neil
Unlucky mate still im sure you will have more luck in Vegas .
Comment from : Glen Neil

Tyler Smithets
More money than sense
Comment from : Tyler Smithets

Online is even worse than bookies! Greed
Comment from : 2011Muttley

beau davies
Genie wilds is the best, good luck in Vegas.
Comment from : beau davies

Chloe Ingram
good luck in Vegas mate can I have a shout out in next vid? :)
Comment from : Chloe Ingram

Graham Baker
Seems the online slots are more greedy than the bookies. Good luck on your trip.
Comment from : Graham Baker

Step and stop
I’ve been playing online for years and never had a cashout that’s why I prefer fobts just saying 👍
Comment from : Step and stop

Abjacks Creations
Just shows how some streamers are fixed and paid by casinos to win big to then suck us all in. This is an honest example of what happens to vast majority of us.

Some streamers win thousands on £2 stakes it’s a load of shit

Comment from : Abjacks Creations

Comment from : suitsyousir1980

Jumbo Mills
Dream Vegas wanted your dough. Better luck next time 👍
Comment from : Jumbo Mills

Ricky Lee
I find it checky how they take your money let you play then ask for I'd I've u walk into a bookies they ask before u bet why don't the casinos do that checky tw*ts
Comment from : Ricky Lee

Why dont they do the account ID check before you deposit? , they are fine taking your money Without doing an ID check, but when it comes to withdrawing , They Wont allow it untill you prove who you are, seems strange
Comment from : Lisaoggy

Clash with Richard
Honestly just think if you kept it at £2 instead of higher stakes you could clear it easier, more of a chance but unlucky! Give me a shoutout next video!
Comment from : Clash with Richard

Title should have been: Dream Vegas Friday or Nightmare Vegas Friday??? You gotta add an air of suspense to the proceedings LOL!!
Comment from : I EXIST

I did say u gunnar lose !!!!
Comment from : MAD 1 BURIM

russell campbell
Unlucky Darren let's hope that's the bad luck used up and things improve in time for Vegas.
Comment from : russell campbell

Furry Nobber
Excuse my ignorance, what is the wagering thing about ?
Comment from : Furry Nobber

Paused it at 23:44, it states; Rollover: the amount of funds needed to be spent to meet the wagering requirements
Above this, under rollover it says £3.01, is this how close you was to meeting the requirements?

Comment from : GhostChilli

Rubel Uddin
Cant wait for your Vegas trip Darren and the videos really enjoyed your last ones
Comment from : Rubel Uddin

Dougie’s dashcam And various places
Shout out please and please do 100,000 pyramid thanks
Comment from : Dougie’s dashcam And various places

You had some disgustingly bad bonuses there, terrible luck.
Comment from : 66737pbain

Jack Burton
Thanks for showing me had bad Dream Vegas is i will definately be avoiding their site at all costs.
Comment from : Jack Burton

Barney Bear
And that chaps is the reality of gambling to ruin lives
Comment from : Barney Bear

John Honeyman
Once it got ya credentials it fooked ya right off.why dont they ask for them before you deposit?
Comment from : John Honeyman

willard peck
blue print and megaways are turd online you needs to pick better
Comment from : willard peck

Kazol Miah
Enjoy vags
Comment from : Kazol Miah

Nomad Steve
Cheers steppy have a good, have a good holiday
Comment from : Nomad Steve

Charlie Hilty
Good luck in Vegas stop and step !
Comment from : Charlie Hilty

Love the online streams ...magpie mayem at coral please and anvite for a glass ov wine at your next stream 😚
Comment from : ODDBOYDANGER Wank

Alan pleydell
I closed, dream Vegas, mr green, and a few others, started with £80 40/40 bonus, got it to £1k still couldn’t get 20% of it out, had enough in the end, these online sites are pure con
Comment from : Alan pleydell

Steven Jones
Don't deserve to win picking genie megaways in fairness.
Comment from : Steven Jones

Jason May
Good luck in vegas
Comment from : Jason May

Elliot Greenaway
The list at the start is which slots you can use for wagering they dont all count be careful mate
Comment from : Elliot Greenaway

1st class punter
its amazing your get up to £1000 when you cant withdraw any and before you get anywhere near being able to withdraw you end up losing the lot , i dont play online "but i intend to soon" but i dont think ill bother taking any bonus money and just play with my own so you can withdraw when you wanrt!
Comment from : 1st class punter

James Lenehan
Play jaminjars
Comment from : James Lenehan

Steven Thomas
Will they have up n down nudger in Vegas?
Comment from : Steven Thomas

cupraboy !
Played all the wrong games to beat waging mate bonanza who wants to be a millionaire DHV donuts all Good slots that can give you the base hit you need to keep up the balance defo not blue prints or bookie slots
Comment from : cupraboy !

jay jay
Should have played some big time gaming games like danger high voltage and bonanza dazza most popular slots out there
Comment from : jay jay

Ervin Gerebenes
Play Hercules
Comment from : Ervin Gerebenes

Online casino slots are scandalous. I like a gamble but wouldnt wager a sausage on them predetermined rigged rip offs. Youre playing a computer program specifically designed to relieve you of your currency.
Comment from : Archdeacon

SakibTube Shaikh
Dont ever play Genie Megaway because i lost £100 notthing BIG MONEY
Comment from : SakibTube Shaikh

Hajdu Ioan-Samuel
Fake 🤙🖕
Comment from : Hajdu Ioan-Samuel

Cheryl Wilson
Love your videos ! Can i get a shout out please 💖
Comment from : Cheryl Wilson

Ddmk 1985
Montezuma is always good
Comment from : Ddmk 1985

You should always get your documents verified before you play at any online casino if you live in the UK. Plus if a casino takes longer than 24 hours then avoid them as they are usually slow with withdrawals too.
Comment from : casualsports

Jordan Grimes
Shout out pls boyo
Comment from : Jordan Grimes

Good luck out in Vegas Darren, try out some original willy wonka if you can. Got a golden ticket last time I went!
Comment from : baconbuttieuk

Frazer Thorley
Goonies and breaking bad in vegas
Comment from : Frazer Thorley

Pav Mar
The almighty is back at it again
Comment from : Pav Mar

Tanta Vasilache
First....can you play hercules please ...shout out
Comment from : Tanta Vasilache

Step and stop
Comment from : Step and stop

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