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Big B's Slot Channel
Hey guys!! Sorry I'm late but just wanted to say Big Thanks for the Shout Out!! Thank you for playing my slot request..Yesss!! Y'all were tearing it up at Kickapoo🍀🍀🍀🎉🎰👍
Here's to lots of 2019 HANDPAYS!!!🍻

Comment from : Big B's Slot Channel

Tina&Tasha Comedy
Wheel of fortune
Comment from : Tina&Tasha Comedy

Joey Money Man
You have a cool dad
Comment from : Joey Money Man

Alyssa Veronica Morales
I love y'alls energy. Keep up the good work. Win BIGGG!!!
Comment from : Alyssa Veronica Morales

Gia Đình & Sức Khoẻ
hello my new friend, nice to play your great games 👍👍, 🔔🔔hy hope you connect with me, thanks 👍👍, 🔔🔔
Comment from : Gia Đình & Sức Khoẻ

El Mari Ent
Like watching you play bc you play and show us your winning and loosing. Some ppl only show the bonuses and that’s boring, want to see how long it took and the excitement, love you and your dad playing together 💯
Comment from : El Mari Ent

Ryan Sprauer
That Green Machine, it’s so awesome to watch that Bingo Card and know that if it’s flashing a bingo of some sort you’re going to win, at least a dollar anyway and the more rare type of bingo (like diagonal rows or 4 corners) pays more then when it’s just a plain bingo. Maybe I’m wrong, correct me if you know, but I think all casinos on Native land have to work off the Bingo method, to get around some gambling law. Anyway great Video, Love this channel! Keep em coming!
Comment from : Ryan Sprauer

Sonic Seven
deff subscribing this reminds me of me and my old man , hey if you are there try rebel wild slot behind the bar max bet it .. this thing pays out !
Comment from : Sonic Seven

Slot Cowboy
Nice wins!
Comment from : Slot Cowboy

Rosa Jimenez
FNS Eddie is 🔥😍
Comment from : Rosa Jimenez

Hi!! I love your videos. What is that bingo screen that is on the slots you play? I never see it in Vegas or AC.
Comment from : kc212203

linda christensen
Love that your having father-son time
Comment from : linda christensen

Saveria Jones
It’s a hard machine to hit well on, even in Vegas. A lot of casinos have removed it.
Comment from : Saveria Jones

oldmustang 1969
I thought this may be my local casino in Rochester Washington .It wasn't but cool to watch .I cringe seeing the max bets but you seemed to do just fine .When in Vegas try El Cortez , South Point , Silverton (pro bass shop ) and red rock all off the main strip so no parking fees and gambling was better plus the food is better and cheaper except the El Cortez which food is limited .Enjoy your trip
Comment from : oldmustang 1969

Stephanie Menchaca
So I was the girl that saw you last night leaving Kickapoo. It was pretty brutal. I lost a thousand bucks and got out of there quick
Comment from : Stephanie Menchaca

Adrienne Larkin
you are so welcome.
Comment from : Adrienne Larkin

Adrienne Larkin
Yes i enjoy playing slots Hello.
Comment from : Adrienne Larkin

Anna Tobar
Love you guys! But love Kickapoo a lot more...lol
Comment from : Anna Tobar

Everybody talks about that casino! G E T C A S I N O . T K( without spaces) They giving away 2000 eur and 200 spins

Cant wait to see ur cosmo play tonight
Comment from : Scott

Evelyn C
Just subbed like channel
Comment from : Evelyn C

Jessica Reed
Bro fix your teeth please omg it killing me 😳
Comment from : Jessica Reed

James Lovett
Enjoy your trip to Vegas.And more Wins.
Comment from : James Lovett

Sheila Knigge
Wow Wow Wow speechless Love it Loved it ❤❤❤❤❤❤ You were on a ROLL 🍀💰💰💰💰💰 Hope to see you both up at the Lucky Eagle Casino some time would Love to meet you both ...❤❤ and have a great trip
Comment from : Sheila Knigge

James Lovett
Sorry I.m.late with this.but good to see you guys.love and much love from me.love the videos.the first one worst one.can that one.
Comment from : James Lovett

Joanne Moreno
I accidentally ran into your vid and I was immediately in awe of your genuine appreciation of your viewers! Just Sub’d I look forward to your Vegas trip videos.
Comment from : Joanne Moreno

Big B's Slot Channel
I got another slot suggestion guys..I actually did really well on this slot..but sadly wasn't recording😣at the time. Its The Lucky Leprechaun $1 denomination $10 max bet..It's located towards the back right by Da ji da li and where the $3 max bet progressives are. I put in $40 and played $5 a spin and took out $450.So I think you'd do great on this one. Thanks
Comment from : Big B's Slot Channel

Tiffany Mills Slot Channel
Where have you been????
Comment from : Tiffany Mills Slot Channel

Mr. Thrifty Texas
1st game was boring as all get out.
Comment from : Mr. Thrifty Texas

Gambit King714
Dad & son goals : casino trip .. making money 🍀🍀🍀
Comment from : Gambit King714

skatermaninred 51
oh my God,,,,dont play slots with bingo cards on them...these casinos do not have to abide by regulated gaming rules! also don t play machines next to each other
Comment from : skatermaninred 51

Juanita Brosdahl
You are fun to watch
Comment from : Juanita Brosdahl

Marcus Aurelius
Whats up brothas new subscriber here!! was that the Lucky Eagle in Washington State? I'm in Seattle myslef,and I'm going to Vegas on the 7th of February too!! Love the video!!
Comment from : Marcus Aurelius

Eliza Lavedan
Love your videos keep the big wins coming 🤩🤩🤩
Comment from : Eliza Lavedan

T Rivers
The green machine was good to me a few years ago...hit $5000 on reel 1.
Comment from : T Rivers

Gilbert Cavazos
Comment from : Gilbert Cavazos

Adrianna Benavidez
On the 7's machine __are they located in the high limit room ? What is the max bet on it? I don't play it_cause I don't understand it_but I liked your video on it_Thanks for sharing😊
Comment from : Adrianna Benavidez

Mark W
New sub today. Like your positive attitudes and variety of machines. Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Mark W

Jane Anderson
where is your home casino
Comment from : Jane Anderson

washanda washington
I'm watching this and I'm yelling out Get out! at my screen! You got me on the edge of my seat, and you sound like it's no big deal. Thats cool. I love kickapoo, but I go there and I play scared. If I win 100 bucks, I pull out. You did real good! Luck to u both!
Comment from : washanda washington

Big Play Ray 777 Jackpot
Way to go FNS !! Glad to see you and dad had a good trip. Congratulations!! 💰🎰
Comment from : Big Play Ray 777 Jackpot

Stephanie Gonzalez
My aunt won 15,000 on the green machine on the old side
Comment from : Stephanie Gonzalez

Carl Davis
In Vegas too Feb 6-12, wanna meet up and print and sprint some !
Comment from : Carl Davis

S&R vs. Slots
Congrats on the handpay, guys! Nothing but big wins for 2019! 🍀🚨💰👍
Comment from : S&R vs. Slots

Love your videos enjoy every minute with your Dad its a blessing !!-- I wish I had my Dad and I know he would've have loved going to Kickapoo !! Both of you are humble and down to earth keep talking your information is priceless. Try Dragon Spins at 4.00 max bet if you ever get a chance that would be my request !! God bless you both-- John G. C. Slots !!
Comment from : jgcovarrubia

zee43al catch
wow that was awesome bonus supper lit then that last game up down up very nice vid congrats
Comment from : zee43al catch

GiGi Goes Gambling
Super fun video and awesome bonus wins. Congrats and good luck‼️ 🍀🤑🍀
Comment from : GiGi Goes Gambling

Stacy Rogers
Great job! Y'all showed them machines who's in charge!! :)
Comment from : Stacy Rogers

Erin Christeson
gotta change your bet on the first machine :)
Comment from : Erin Christeson

Manuel Cardenas
Still want to see Major Buck $1 game 🤔😮😐👍
Comment from : Manuel Cardenas

Manuel Cardenas
Bravo, Bravo... The FNS Crew getting it done, only the way a Father and Son can do it. 👏🎵🎶🎤🎵🎤 This is how we do it...🎤🎵🎵🎶🎵🎤
Comment from : Manuel Cardenas

RS Few
Nice, I really enjoy watching!
Comment from : RS Few

My sister just told me about you so I subbed and watched this video!!!! WOW you had a lot of great hits, TYFS!!!
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Comment from : TheRios7018

The picture of you hitting 35k that is on your main page, when did that happen? Do you recall what day of week and time of day it occurred? Do you tend to win more at certain time of the day? I always do much better at night after midnight than any other time and wo dering if you've noticed patterns like that too.
Comment from : Scott

Blackout ASMR Eats
Good run!!! Did you guys make a profit?
Comment from : Blackout ASMR Eats

philip rose
Hey FNS....glad you are still out there. I watch the videos everyday, enjoyed these, so thank you and good luck..
Comment from : philip rose

Tiffany Mills Slot Channel
Hey guys! You both ROCK!! Hope to see you there this weekend! Your dad is so funny!
Comment from : Tiffany Mills Slot Channel

Give me a shoutout Meka from Cleveland
Comment from : Meka

FNS Eddy is such a cutie pie...😂😂 I love all your videos guys.
Comment from : Meka

Dont know how it ended up, but it looks like you guys cleaned house.
Comment from : Mike

Good play! Keep the videos coming!
Comment from : SLOT KANDY

Karen J
My experience with the green machine , is you either hit right away or just flat out lose. It has never seemed to pick up at all the longer i played
Comment from : Karen J

Charlie Tran
Awesome duo you two! World peace if everyone had your demeanors.
Comment from : Charlie Tran

Rudy B
Play a 5 dollar sparky haywire machine in the high limit on max bet ducks in a row!!
Comment from : Rudy B

Starry Slots
Comment from : Starry Slots

Christine Delarosa
I was there late Sunday night this pass weekend the machines were hot I got a hand pay 1479.00 it was a 2x4x tiger game next the bar were the tnt game is . I love that casino it’s 3 1/2 hour drive for us but love the drive. Good luck
Comment from : Christine Delarosa

Jossey’s Slot Channel
I also play at Kickapoo! Love your channel hope to see yall there some time! I’ll be sure to say hi! 👋 😁
Comment from : Jossey’s Slot Channel

Lillysmom Porter
Love the video! Happy New Year!!
Comment from : Lillysmom Porter

Awesome video. U get to vegas 7th? How long will u be there? I'll be there feb 9th till 11th.
Comment from : Scott

Kelly Diehl
Great job!👍 Liked the intro!
Comment from : Kelly Diehl

tricia p
nice big wins I love the casino I go every weekend but don't have a channel might have to be fns plus 1 lol
Comment from : tricia p

Big Alex
i did the $5 ($25 max) green machine 'deluxe' and hit $500 on my first spin and $250 a few spins later and walked up like $600. i dont think the one u played was the 'deluxe' (w the free spins and different jackpot options). sorry u didnt have any luck w the $1 green machine but i really appreciate u playing! thanx a lot guys. i hope 2019 brings u many jackpot$. 💰 ✌
Comment from : Big Alex

tricia p
heyyyyy fns nice to see you back playing lol how often do you post
Comment from : tricia p

slot machine luv
Nice huy on Da ji Da li
Comment from : slot machine luv

Randy Larsen
Really enjoyed the platinum reels play, that has become my favorite machine at the Lucky Eagle since winning the $5000.00 on it !!!!!! Congrats !!!
Comment from : Randy Larsen

Love to see both win big!!! Thanks for sharing the fun!!!👍😊❤
Comment from : C C

V Hinton
Comment from : V Hinton

Daniel  Rodriguez
Thanks for playing the green machine.
Comment from : Daniel Rodriguez

Gus Campos
Lucky keep enjoying your days with your dad 🍀
Comment from : Gus Campos

Karen Mccoy
Congratulations thanks for sharing
Comment from : Karen Mccoy

Belinda Rosenbohm
Nice 😁😁😁😁😁
Comment from : Belinda Rosenbohm

Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures
Awesome wins congratulations you did great ☘️☘️☘️💵
Comment from : Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures

sharon e
Awesome video and tremendous bonuses
Comment from : sharon e

Karen Mccoy
Hey Eddie
Comment from : Karen Mccoy

Karen Mccoy
Finally! I've been waiting for you guys to post something. I'm sure it's gonna be good😊
Comment from : Karen Mccoy

Tony Yee
Nice run on those machines. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Tony Yee

dr. jones
fu man highly volatile alot of casinos won't install them especially east coast and northern tier of country...
Comment from : dr. jones

Sergio Fernandez
Good run guys
Comment from : Sergio Fernandez

Belinda Rosenbohm
That game sucks the first one lol good luck
Comment from : Belinda Rosenbohm

dr. jones
green machine hard but I've never seen so many 1k and 5k circles like this machine.
Comment from : dr. jones

Willie Johnson
win big
Comment from : Willie Johnson

Hi guys 😍glad to see you. Your one of my favorite channels. 👍🏽
Comment from : S B

Ron Christoffel
Great fun guys! I really enjoyed seeing you both play & win!
ALSO, I enjoy hearing you both talk, that adds life to your video.
How boring it would be to watch a machine just spin and make noise........

Comment from : Ron Christoffel

G.W Grubbs
First machine always sux
Comment from : G.W Grubbs

I would like to HEAR the sounds of the machine in play and NOT you talking......takes away from the game....don't need a commentary for the games..........I am UNSUB.....for that reason....TALK TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......like this is a sports show or a play by play something......bye
Comment from : GEMS FOR JESUS

Angie Floyd
Great video!! I always get excited when I get your notification...thanks!
Comment from : Angie Floyd

Gaming & Gambling
Pretty awesome run on variety of machines! 🍀🍀🍀
Comment from : Gaming & Gambling

Sylvia Trevino
Great win! Take your profit n run!!
Comment from : Sylvia Trevino

Shara P
Awesome win
Comment from : Shara P

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