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twerkin the city noneofyobusiness
Lol loooooove listening to him great entertainment
Comment from : twerkin the city noneofyobusiness

Herrkonghmong Vue
Haha no profits been there too
Comment from : Herrkonghmong Vue

Leah D.
I’m going to Vegas soon. Can you tell me which casino to play at??
Comment from : Leah D.

Leah D.
Most of the time I turn the volume all the way down but you make me laugh so no mute 🤐 on yours lol
Comment from : Leah D.

Dale Davis
You make me literally laugh out loud as you were talking to they little character reaching in the bag of money.
Comment from : Dale Davis

Lenise Hicks
Catching up on my favorite low roller.....have you played Bay watch yet?/
Comment from : Lenise Hicks

You sound exactly like me when I play slot machines. I absolutely love watching your videos. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Comment from : BunnVoyage

Jeny Aslanyan
I like ur voice and the way you talking to the machine love ur videos
Comment from : Jeny Aslanyan

Well at least u tried
Comment from : Pleadship

Lol!!! Cocktails!!😁😀
Comment from : JUAN GARCIA

Steve Richloff
Yeah, I like days like that, live to fight another day, with the same money you brought to fight with today!!!Of course winning isn't so bad, but that's much harder to do
Comment from : Steve Richloff

Judy Clark
OK. Yes. Winning. Money. OK. Be. Bless. Cool. Game. OK. 😄😄💯💚💚👑👑👑:-$ :-$ 💜💜💙💙💜💙👏👏💰💰💰💰💰💰💰:-$ :-$ :-$ 💋💋💋💋💋💋💖💖🎼🎼🎼💖💖👑👑
Comment from : Judy Clark

Janine Reddington
My sister and I are coming to Vegas Friday would love to run into you and meet you!!! Love your videos
Comment from : Janine Reddington

sandra valani
VLR...I am kinda sad that you did not take your bonus and run, but I am glad that you didn't lose any money! Thanks for sharing another fun video and for teachinG me that when this game comes to my city...NOT to eVeR hope for a 5, 000 bonus on this game! Thanks for always keepinG it real and tellinG us when you positive or negative in a game! Have a fabtabulous week!😄
Comment from : sandra valani

Bill Mcardle
Great video I wanna gamble with you when I come to Vegas in December !!!
Comment from : Bill Mcardle

Travis Hinton
Leaving even and having fun thats how you low roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Travis Hinton

We have all said "I saw it go by 42 times ! "
Comment from : oddbeater

VegasBuffaloSoldier _
Go knights go!!!!!!
Comment from : VegasBuffaloSoldier _

At Oklahoma casinos break even is a huge win! Love your videos. Keep em coming please.
Comment from : OkieDigger

I feel ya, man! I'm in Vegas now, and can't kill this $100 I started with. It's grown up to $600.of course, I'm here three more days so that could change any time :D
Comment from : jwb0153

That fiesta coin is a rip off i will not play it i would rather play the original or the americoin version with multipliers
Comment from : Lottd32

Super Fun Game VLR! Hope to find this one local!! Thanks for Sharing!
Comment from : KenoBabe777

Hi VLR 🤗🤗 That was fun. It always feels so good to walk out not having lost anything. I enjoy watching you so much. 😍😍😍😍
Comment from : hadjn2

john Jaworski
The best days!
Comment from : john Jaworski

Jim Freitag
Never did like that game much.
Comment from : Jim Freitag

dam bro that was very good hits thou you started with 50 bucks ......made an even..but you play alot of action on your games,enjoyed the video.....
Comment from : djstarman69slots

Young Legacy
Easily the Funniest Slot channel on Youtube. I laugh and watch Free spins. Good entertainment.
Comment from : Young Legacy

Claudia theItalianSlotChick
Great machine there! It was a good run!! 👍🏼👍🏼
Comment from : Claudia theItalianSlotChick

Happiness and Sweet Tea
You had me with the title. Haha!
Comment from : Happiness and Sweet Tea

Brian Kemian
Now that you mention it, that donkey is a jerk.
Comment from : Brian Kemian

Vic T Slots
Great video as always brother.... inwas at the Silverton the other day. Hope to see ya soon.
Comment from : Vic T Slots

Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl
I haven't had one of these days in a while but there's nothing better! Awesome videos, a fun time and no money lost. That's a WIN!
Comment from : Slot Videos by Vegan Slot Girl

That line hit was only $105 because it was a .75 cents bet on that box only
Comment from : honeyboo14324

James Espin
Vegas low roller I hereby sentence you to Slot Con this coming fall.You are only allowed to play "Konami" games.Just kidding.
Wish you and your Mom would have won big on her B-day.I did'nt win on my B-day either.Keep em coming though, VLR!

Comment from : James Espin

Coco 777
Downkeeeeee!!! Lol, love it!!
Comment from : Coco 777

John Gomillion
Breaking even is great 🙂
Comment from : John Gomillion

You actually made $0.21. LOL. Going home even is definitely a WIN in my book! 😀
Comment from : PinoyPapapizza

Hi Baby
Fun slot game VLR!..
Comment from : Hi Baby

Awesome Videos! Lol your reaction to the donkey is funny!
Comment from : J H

Charlie Ashby
How many versions of Leprecoins can they make omg hahaha
Comment from : Charlie Ashby

That game looks like fun! Great video!
Comment from : technovalerie11

Cathy Greenwood
Did u eat free? Lol
Comment from : Cathy Greenwood

Feels good when you go home with even money. nice session VLR. :)
Comment from : AKPoetry67

Sharon Mumford
You are so right , VLR .... My Mom and I had one of those days recently . We literally played on 20 dollars for 3.5 hours and left up about 100 bucks . It was so much fun ... It'll probably never happen again for a very long time . And we played on 4 different slots ! Great video ! Thanks again for making me smile and laugh !!
Comment from : Sharon Mumford

Haha congrats on zero dollars spent, $100 doesn't even last me 10 minutes at my local tribal casino. I'd love to post videos of my wins but in 15 years of gambling I've never even gotten a handpay, my single biggest win at max bets is $720.
Comment from : scooter1977

Jim Vetromila
Toiling away for hours over a hot dirty slot and breaking even is not fun. I work hard for my winnings.😆
Comment from : Jim Vetromila

Chili looks like a fun game, but the pays are total crap. I hope you get a boomshakaalakaa soon dude!
Comment from : poisoncurls

Lars Barno
Yeah.. all those wilds "should" have been worth more.... even for a full day ain't too shabby though. The "plead" bargaining with the sentient beings that disguise themselves as slot machines sometimes works.... but rarely..!! fun watch thanks.
Comment from : Lars Barno

Beautiful Tragedy
"Dude, I need you to jump in! Oh, I hate you right now..." lmao
Comment from : Beautiful Tragedy

Liliana Alvarez
Comment from : Liliana Alvarez

Looks like my day everytime I go. 😕. Except I go home broke.
Comment from : Denise

I've been a big fan forever, and I'm planning my first trip to Vegas in October. What's the best off strip casino/hotel to stay at?
Comment from : dragoon1307

My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos
Even is Still A Win! Fun Video!
Comment from : My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos

christina F
Going home even is almost as good as profit. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : christina F

Donkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! :)
Comment from : FreezinFury

Donkeh!! Almost as good as chikaown..
Comment from : Garthman03

DJ JoelTech
I low key hate the americoin games haha. Your voice and commentary make it fun again. < no homo> lol
Comment from : DJ JoelTech

Zack Barnett
Vlr.... thanks for the videos...fun game...will have to look for it...glad you had a good time!....your friend Bonnie
Comment from : Zack Barnett

Robert Esensee
I subbed from Diana's group. Hope to run into you when I am there in July. Nice video!
Comment from : Robert Esensee

Nice run! No loss equals a win in my book!
Stupid donkey lol

Comment from : BarleyJack72

Raymound Cornett
I enjoy watching your videos. You seem to enjoy yourself so much
Comment from : Raymound Cornett

Joe's Smartphone Cinema
Nice brother!! Love the channel!! Keep Rocking man!! 🎸🤘🎸🤘
Comment from : Joe's Smartphone Cinema

You were gypped! Good luck next time
Comment from : jackie3421

Debby S
Great video & bonuses. Just saw Seinfeld game with U & Diana playing....loved it.
Comment from : Debby S

Erica's Slot World
Breaking even is always nice!! Plus you had lots of action!! That was so exciting to watch!! 🙌🏼 Yay!! Love your videos! I don’t always comment but I watch every single one! 😁👍🏼❤️❤️
Comment from : Erica's Slot World

Andy Carr
That donkey is an ass ! 😀
Comment from : Andy Carr

Slot Traveler
That's a good deal for $100!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

Pam W
Awesome streak! Thank you for a fun video!
Comment from : Pam W

Tina Lanning
That was fun!
Comment from : Tina Lanning

mesquite slot player
That's just like winning!
Comment from : mesquite slot player

Twon Welsby
Always make me smile man. !!! Keep it up
Comment from : Twon Welsby

G Fine
Great video...Mighty Cash slot cleans me out everytime..😀😀😀.
Comment from : G Fine

tammy larue
Love ya,,put more videos up plzzzz. Love watching lol
Comment from : tammy larue

This would have been a good day for LET IT RIDE!
Comment from : BenteRed

Jump in, jump in! Lol. Another fun video!
Comment from : onejazzimom

Great video VLR!!! You are greatest slot player in history! Making 100 bucks last for 3.5 hrs!!!
Comment from : curteyethecat700

country boy
Love it
Comment from : country boy

Katherine Freeman
Gives me inspiration for when I go to Wendover this Wed. The charter trip leaves Wed. PM and comes back from Portland on Sat AM
Comment from : Katherine Freeman

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