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Bet it wouldn’t of malfunctioned if a white woman won.
Comment from : Sin

berry barry
Then how do they know if its a win
Comment from : berry barry

ur favorite human bean
Wikipedia says 4,294,967,295 is an integer equal to 2 to the power of 32. Look at her number. It's obviously a floating point error, but the other two could be legit wins.
Comment from : ur favorite human bean

Anticipation - 009845
Person: Wins a couple million dollars

Casino: Wait, that's illegal.

Comment from : Anticipation - 009845

Mr LaPrune
this is why i dont do that stuff bc its a SCAM they just steel your money
Comment from : Mr LaPrune

R Baker
"Our machines malfunctioned"
"Did they now?! You don't say! 🤣
No, pay me 💀"

Comment from : R Baker

Mr PoopyButtHole
Better call Saul
Comment from : Mr PoopyButtHole

Me : Wins 1 million

Casino : Wait that's illegal

Comment from : B:DV

Regardless of machine fail or not. It's a gambling machine. The machine become faulty also part of a probability of gambling. So they should pay up
Comment from : Hao

Tim Smith
It's rigged, just like lottery winnings in rich areas
Comment from : Tim Smith

Daniel West
Shouldn't we be able to get our money back because the machine malfunctioned and didnt win big!
Comment from : Daniel West

Rob Heine
this video explains how AOC ended up in office...
Comment from : Rob Heine

Rob Heine
I won $500 on a florida lottery scratchoff. was told by store owner it was a computer error. Called lottery office and they said there was nothing they can do... They call it idiot tax for a reason.
Comment from : Rob Heine

Lee Javier
At least pay out the maximum amount or double the maximum payout of the machine. Not the players fault for malfunction machine and no disclaimer that the machine could malfunction. Not really sure if its written in the fine print of the ticket.
Comment from : Lee Javier

Milky Boy
Me: wins 1$

The security: Sorry sir this machine is malfunction

Me: Bruh

Comment from : Milky Boy

Tyler Ahrens
And this is the reason why I only play card games. There's no malfunctions there, only real people dealing real cards.
Comment from : Tyler Ahrens

Luigi Marquez
Casinos should at least reward these winners with a general jackpot win.
Comment from : Luigi Marquez

Game for
All these people don’t even look like they need it
Comment from : Game for

Philip Mwangi
The casino loves taking money from us but don't wanna pay when we win, smh
Comment from : Philip Mwangi

You could watch the Log Files of those machines. A Malfunctioning Machine would clearly notice it and would report it under there. If they refuse or better dont have the evidence of a malfunction they need to pay it.
Comment from : ATESLAY

If I got that and they said it malfunctioned bro I'd cash it in anyway
Comment from : YÆT

Smeethan gives me wings
We hit the jackpot tonight!


Comment from : Smeethan gives me wings

They still deserve some money though... the casino probably rigs those machines to make money. They don’t like it that it actually gave money to people.
Comment from : Makayla

Tamika Jackson
Christ said Vengeance is
Comment from : Tamika Jackson

Tamika Jackson
The Roman's would use the crucifix cross on anyone who oppose Roman laws daily and would feed people to the Lions.
Comment from : Tamika Jackson

Tamika Jackson
Christ was flipping over tables in the Roman's Catholic synagogues about not buying or selling in Holy Temple
Comment from : Tamika Jackson

Tamika Jackson
I remember the first time I went with my neighbor to her church and I asked my parents on a Saturday night. I only 10 years old and went to the my neighbor Church of the Roman's Catholic Church and inside the basement was Casino with slot machines mounted on the floors in trying pushing the machines and I decided to play and hit the jackpot lights were flashing and I almost could not find my neighbor playing blackjack but she saw and claim it as soon as security came. I couldn't believe the amount of 5,000 and couldn't believe that the Roman's Catholic Church had casinos in the basement in South Philadelphia.
Comment from : Tamika Jackson

Of course there’s an malfunction when they win millions
Comment from : Jerry

Spike Spiegel
It cost less to fight a jackpot winner for years in court than it is to pay them the jackpot. Its a sad loophole but its the way it is... Nothing personal just business. Next time if you want to gamble and win big... Make sure you only go to casinos big enough and rich enough to keep their word. Don't waste your time at these local mom n pop indian reserve casinos... unless you only want to win a few $1000s. Go to Vegas if you want a chance at legitimate million dollar jackpots. Live and learn...
Comment from : Spike Spiegel

Integrated Crazy
I hope she gets tripple the money.
Comment from : Integrated Crazy

Jarad Higgins
Thumbnail looks like ynw melly
Comment from : Jarad Higgins

Haziq Rafik
0:26 i heard ''I thought I was a mayonnaise''
Comment from : Haziq Rafik

Admin D.L.A
it's extremely rare that the machine malfunction because it's extremely rare for people to win millions
Comment from : Admin D.L.A

The entire purpose of a Casino is to rob you. I never understood why people go there.
Comment from : T1Oracle

matt user373569313
0:31 yo I don't think I want a bunch of people on my street that's what my street name is called
Comment from : matt user373569313

Jesus Quezada
Pay them
Comment from : Jesus Quezada

Matthew Gino
I guess you can count the owner mysteriously ending up dead as a malfunction too
Comment from : Matthew Gino

Person: wins 100,000,000,000,0000 dollars

Workers: mam this is a McDonald’s drive thru

Comment from : Ztormÿÿ

I would honestly sue because I paid to win and I did, I bet when people don’t win it’s not malfunctioning.
Comment from : antisocialxava.k

Bluey Beak
Casino owner: Which one of you doofuses programmed that machine to be able to hit a jackpot?
Comment from : Bluey Beak

take them for what they got. fight!
Comment from : C A

EasyBrezzzy Rocket League
You: Wins a Million Dollars


Well yes but actually no

Comment from : EasyBrezzzy Rocket League

Oscar Sagado
If you knew was malfunctioning it shouldn't be on floor ....now pay!!!
Comment from : Oscar Sagado

TJ Mat
People need to quit shooting up schools and start shooting up casino owner/ manager offices.
Comment from : TJ Mat

2:32 listen to what’s she’s saying. A win is a malfunction. You’ll know it’s working...because you’re losing.
Comment from : tiberiius

anonymous 215
HOLD UP is that first one Kevin from home alone but older
Comment from : anonymous 215

Mayank Thakur
2:02 Reptillian cloaking fail blur
Comment from : Mayank Thakur

Scottie Steiner
How does a machine all of a sudden malfunction when someone wins? But all the other times it wasn't malfunctioning. How many times has someone been pulled aside by money and given a refund when they lost because of a machine malfunction.
Comment from : Scottie Steiner

If you do that to me and i dont get paid...im buring down the casino 100% trust me .
Comment from : EARLY BIRD

Billy Breeze
nothing "malfunctioned" when my friend lost her life savings to the Tulalips. imagine that.
Comment from : Billy Breeze

I bet they just say that so they don't have to pay that money
Comment from : DillanOnSugar

Positive Energy
Boycot vegas
Comment from : Positive Energy

Yaman Alsaho
There is a reason why this is prohibited in Islam
Comment from : Yaman Alsaho

Ronaldo Correia
I thought it was my lucky day😒
Comment from : Ronaldo Correia

hedgehog twin
Only happens in that country. Hahaha fact
Comment from : hedgehog twin

Salam masboob
The casino is jealous that people win millions of dollars so that’s why they lie about malfunctioning problems in the machine
Comment from : Salam masboob

Casinos "Well yes but actually no."
Comment from : Doctqr.

caddi bronze
That's why gambling is not good.
Comment from : caddi bronze

Excuse me. The machine has been malfunctioning and taking all of money. Can I have my money back since it's malfunctioned?
Comment from : TommyMLe

Peter Pan
I would have hired 10 lawyers, sued their asses off and pay the lawyers good amount.
Comment from : Peter Pan

Kimberly Tran
If it malfunctioned then they should have refunded the money at least
Comment from : Kimberly Tran

Pork Chop
I get it, it’s not supposed to let people win, therefore, a malfunction.
Comment from : Pork Chop

the 42m seems a legit error , but it can be 4m
Comment from : Asahel

Bruce Gordon
There is a warning on each machine. This machine will only malfunction when there is a large payout.
Comment from : Bruce Gordon

calvin yip
These type of places only make money they sound give money.
Comment from : calvin yip

"Win a big jackpot."

Your reputation with the New Vegas Strip turns to Hated

Comment from : PierrotBolnezify

Dave King
If you read the small print when gambling it’s a gentleman’s agreement and it doesn’t need to be paid out
Comment from : Dave King

Win: malfunction
Loss: it works no problem

Comment from : ademar9988

ben dover
Id leave briefcases all over the casino and kick back and watch the fireworks go off.... if u catch my drift 😂😂😂
Comment from : ben dover

Bard Juggs
Its their lucky day except the casino doesnt like that
Comment from : Bard Juggs

Bard Juggs
When machines decided to be good bois
Comment from : Bard Juggs

Have to get the gaming commission involved. Otherwise all money must be returned to their users because it's a malfunctioning machine.
Comment from : lothean

Latrell Jennings
I'm really happy for her that she sued. I think she'll definitely get her money back. Even if the machine "malfunctioned" it isn't her fault. There should be laws in place to keep this from happening.
Comment from : Latrell Jennings

There's this illegal casino in a building, unless you lose all your money you're not allowed to go away.
Unless you're well known or friends with the owner/security/anyone that is well known there.

Comment from : Ofbaserion

thatDOOD from711
Person: wins millions

Casino: you weren’t supposed to do that

Comment from : thatDOOD from711

timothy miller
"I'm gonna fight this is not over" while sitting on white leather couch by fireplace in lavish home lol
Comment from : timothy miller

they say its rare and we should feel safe , how about the people that won millions you just denied how do u think they feel
Comment from : Tiscurna

Jose Gonzales
If it exceeds what it can pay out when it malfunctions, then the customer should get the max of what the machine can pay out.
Comment from : Jose Gonzales

Brady Nolan
What cheap dirt bags, can’t believe this casino
Comment from : Brady Nolan

A person: wins more than a million dollars
Casino: you weren't suppose to do that

Comment from : jackthememelord

Simply built embedded systems in a casino should not really malfunction in a way to make people win if they do at all.
Comment from : Pankaces

Hope Katrina gets her money!!!!
Comment from : GIDEON GICH

Samuel Rexroat
Exactly why I dont go to casinos, its mostly a blatant scam. You're paying for an exciting illusion of winning a lot of money, and it is just that, an engineered illusion.
Comment from : Samuel Rexroat

"I thought I was a minion-air"
Comment from : HeadshotCraft

Bobby Bobberson
Veronica can get it
Comment from : Bobby Bobberson

"The house always wins" even when their machines 'malfunction' (-_-)
Comment from : Ravevolution

BtZ Ghost
They need to pay her
Comment from : BtZ Ghost

Jackson Conaway
Not trying to defend the Casinos, but everyone is overlooking the end where the reporter said that the supposed jackpots they won were 3-4x bigger than what the machine was even allowed as it's maximum jackpot. That means if the max prize is 100K, the people in the video would be getting 300-400K. It does seem like a malfunction but its more likely that its an intentional malfunction.
Comment from : Jackson Conaway

When you lose they obey what the machine says.

When you win the machine malfunctioned.

Comment from : thegrandfinale2

YamaguchiGang Gaming
Veronica castillo❤
Comment from : YamaguchiGang Gaming

Will Reese
I bet if they found out a machine was defective after a long profitable week and shouldve paid out to someone but didn't they just 🧐🤔🤫🤭
Comment from : Will Reese

Daes B
Thats fine just give me back all the money that I put in there. Loll
Comment from : Daes B

whiz '
The Woman at 0:40 looks and talks exactly like a woman in a rude uber rider video...
Comment from : whiz '

It's a business darling,
Comment from : PurryoLine

Road Philosopher
I refuse to ever play slots. It's a scam
Comment from : Road Philosopher

Gavin Donovan
Me: YES! I just won a million

Casino: Well yes, but no

Comment from : Gavin Donovan

Dee G
More than likely they compensated by giving out 2 free dinners to their crappy buffets and 50 bucks in free play... the casino should be held accountable at least a million bucks. Hell they can make that back in a few days..
Comment from : Dee G

Jimbo JetSet
Jerry Rape?
Comment from : Jimbo JetSet

Ryan Abbruzzese
Wait 42 million on a slot machine on a one dollar bet I don’t think so maybe 42 grand 🤪
Comment from : Ryan Abbruzzese

Deviled Eggs
Isnt that the whole point of risk vs reward? Lmao. Indian giver is a saying for a reason.
Comment from : Deviled Eggs

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