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James Rytter
A bit late, but looked this gesture thing up... looks like you need to wave your hands around to win!
During the base game, mid-air gestures can be drawn at any time to interact with the game:
When players point at the screen, the game turns dark and a flashlight cone emits from their finger to find hidden ghosts
Drawing a circle in mid-air calls Slimer to jump through the loop and energize the reels
If players draw a heart, Slimer shows them love by turning on a pink glowing fortune frame
When an infinity symbol is created, the Terror-Dog tries to catch his “bone” while Slimer teases the player on the top screen
Reels are electrified with a lightning-strike when players draw a triangle

edit: you just found out as it told you.... I'll get my coat :)

Comment from : James Rytter

Nice video mate. I was there in November and played them for the first time but never seem to get a good bonus. I’ve noticed the same with the original Ghostbuster slots.
I think the theory in the comment from LetsHaveALook is spot on.

Comment from : Vegas_small_timer

Bob England
you have to spend ages getting the bonus symbols to have a slim chance of getting a bonus, what a crock of shite
Comment from : Bob England

I played this game a few days ago with $1 dollar spins and ended up getting to about 320 from 100 dollars, sometimes it gets so dry though.
Comment from : Gorgeous_Scat392

Glasgow Fortune
Those Americans shouting and Hollering, cannot stand them
Comment from : Glasgow Fortune

The gesture control in Ghostbusters are to extend the spin duration of the reel. When you pull your hand away the reel will stop. It's best to do it once you have 2 bonus symbols already, and then manipulate the 3rd symbol with the gesture control. I doubt it really has an effect on the outcome, but it makes the most sense logically.
Comment from : TattooMafew

What casino did you find the Gremlins? I'll be going next month to Vegas?
Comment from : kacwyo

ace iconia
Yeah you can keep the Ghost Busters one that looks very bland and the Gremlins one also you can keep it. Both have way too much noise and animation for way too little of a pay out. I get they're building more machines for millennial's but Christ come on..
Comment from : ace iconia

PZ9 The Best Fighter
How much did last vegas costed you
Comment from : PZ9 The Best Fighter

Stanks 101
Vegas baby!
Comment from : Stanks 101

Great competition good luck to me and everyone else!
Comment from : MegaChapman69

“Just a little gimmick that doesn’t do anything” same story with all those Vegas slots they’re shite
Comment from : MrMarko4

BrokenConcept 92
Fingers crossed on dream Vegas comp , good vid stop and step
Comment from : BrokenConcept 92

Wozza Kerns
Shout out my boy grinny who gambles his job seekers every time and never wins
Comment from : Wozza Kerns

Ryan Hairsine
Great vid as always Darren
Comment from : Ryan Hairsine

kkrispy2009 P
Plays well in the basegame but yes instead of cash value you deffo need a bonus
Comment from : kkrispy2009 P

Mike Wood
Liked the Ghostbusters slot. Was entertaining. The RTP seemed poor though. I guess you're paying for the royalties on top of the casino's costs. Looked like you had a good run on Gremlins. Funny how Vegas slots show money in cents. Wonder whether that's to make it look more & blend in with the machine going wild over a 20$ win.
Comment from : Mike Wood

beau davies
Great video, like the look of that gremlins slot, looks like it has lots of potential, shame we didn't see it
Comment from : beau davies

csabee kov
Damn that Slotlady in Vegas is hot af I watch her videos didn’t she recorded it is well at the same time 😄
Comment from : csabee kov

Alistair Neil
These slot are tacky and rarely pay ,quite happy never to visit vegas might as well go to Blackpool
Comment from : Alistair Neil

Glaciaz Spud
Best of luck in Vegas
Comment from : Glaciaz Spud

British casino slots are way better than Vegas slots.
Comment from : serialchiler

Donna Smiles
Another great video :)
Comment from : Donna Smiles

Binary BS
i need to win this holiday ;)
Comment from : Binary BS

steven fettis
I think your better off playing in the bookies
Comment from : steven fettis

Thomas Lovejoy
i think the fobts have a better rtp than these vegas slots! for the amount your betting it seems like it would take years to to get 100x on these vegas slots.
Comment from : Thomas Lovejoy

Loving videos Darren
Comment from : REEL WORLD SLOTS

bethany jones
When the bonus appears put your hand towards the screen, you will feel the vibrations and it speeds the reel up. Just for in future. Same with Sphinx 4D you catch the butterfly’s.
Comment from : bethany jones

You do know there is a Gizmo Mode on this slot too? Just hit the Gremlins Mode part of the screen and it turns to Gizmo Mode.
Comment from : tanter8

Good luck
Comment from : yazoo178

win win win mate
Comment from : Tanaferry

Vegas Baby!!
Comment from : martyn0021

Sammy Hussain
U had to touch the reel for it to extend in ghostbusters u missed out on so many bonuses
Comment from : Sammy Hussain

Matt Dennis
I would of carried on on Gremlins bud
Comment from : Matt Dennis

How do you enter your comp?
Comment from : jack4919

Paul Munn
I would rather have a zero feature bonus round that was enjoyable to watch than a quick $22 bonus wheel win, does that make me twisted?
Comment from : Paul Munn

Ethan Holland
Wheel of fortune next, Vegas classic.
Comment from : Ethan Holland

One Two
The wins are normally so bad on vegas slots--
Comment from : One Two

Captain Drugwash
Hope you are having a lovely holiday.
Comment from : Captain Drugwash

King OF Kings
Another great video
Comment from : King OF Kings

Malcolm Mckay
Are you in Vegas on your own? Loved the Gremlins machine.
Comment from : Malcolm Mckay

Nathan C
great video dude
Comment from : Nathan C

Kieran Gavin
Gremils was decent mate 👍🏻
Comment from : Kieran Gavin

Elliot Greenaway
Nice vid enjoy mate
Comment from : Elliot Greenaway

Iva Hardy
I heard that you should never touch a machine that is associated with a film or has a famous theme. The royalties they have to pay sort of adds up to why the pays are so shit.

In it for the competition!!

Comment from : Iva Hardy

These videos put me off going to Vegas tbh, noise, flashing lights and an immersive experience of thousands of credits being thrown at you but it doesn't amount to much. Especially on the slot you played at $8.88 a spin (I know you won on it, but for the stake it didn't seem great)
Comment from : technicalscience

Comment from : bigheadjr

Can you please walking dead slot if you get a chance dude?
Comment from : carpthing

Mark Platt
2 great movies off the 80s☺
Comment from : Mark Platt

Craig Fryer
Try playing the none franchise slots away from the main walkway apparently they pay better
Comment from : Craig Fryer

John Radford
dream vegas entry
Comment from : John Radford

Jackie Haque
Your in Vegas..... how about roulette?
Comment from : Jackie Haque

Johnny mc
Have you had any nice wins in Vegas darren
Comment from : Johnny mc

Elias G
Please play slot of the year (Lightning link slots).
Comment from : Elias G

Echo 9970
Do like the LV videos, but as it's LV all lights and whistles, and not getting hand pays very often there. Big rip off.
Comment from : Echo 9970

Ash McLean
Did well to hit that minor hatric! Shame it didn’t come with a decent profit. Fingers crossed for the next vid.
Comment from : Ash McLean

The NS83
American slots seem more about trying to lose the player in entertainment than actually paying out anything decent. The stakes you were playing at was high but the return on winning spins and features was shit
Comment from : The NS83

dean mcveigh
Vegas baby 👀😂👀 does anyone else sing the stop and stop theme in there head in work
Comment from : dean mcveigh

John Hall
The gremlins turned a losing into a break even maybe a few more spins would have brought you a profit a entertaining video well done nice to see your doing better this time hope your getting a good deal at the Cromwell it’s very expensive you need to win hehe enjoy
Comment from : John Hall

Adam Caffrey
Random question but how's the smoking over there? Can you smoke at a machine or not?
Comment from : Adam Caffrey

Ferocious Super nova
Did you get arrested for exposing yourself???
Comment from : Ferocious Super nova

Ty Jacobs
Shout out Darren 😂 when you back in Uk play dragons rise online 5 pound a spin coral haha 👍🏻
Comment from : Ty Jacobs

Cheryl Wilson
Thank you for sharing your experience with us....amazing videos🧡 good luck for the rest of your trip xx
Comment from : Cheryl Wilson

ben burnage
Great video, hope you're having a good time
Comment from : ben burnage

ayyy vegas
Comment from : Z.J COMBINATION !

Ewan Hope
If I went to Vegas I’d stick to the tables slots look like a load of flashing light not very good pays and it seems like you need to stake big to win big! Keep up the good vids tho understand you can’t record the tables
Comment from : Ewan Hope

a mcewan
Great Video, Pity about Ghostbusters looks like a good slot but did not pay as well as it looked :(
Comment from : a mcewan

Sammy Gregory
Loving the 4D! Hope it'll catch on over here, slightly more entertaining 😂
Comment from : Sammy Gregory

Kevin Willis
It’s so frustrating you didn’t understand ghostbusters. More than once you heard a woman’s voice saying “reach out to control the spin”. If you notice the reels keep spinning while you have your finger out. You can skill stop the reel to better your chance of a bonus
Comment from : Kevin Willis

Chris Willis
Still up from yesterday so nice one
Comment from : Chris Willis

Alright bro ! Can me and buddylove get a shoutout pls ! Hope you’re well uncle Darren ❤️❤️❤️👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Comment from : Slots&SneaksHyperfuse

Boom video??
Comment from : j2kjellyify

Kyel Humby
Keep up the videos 👍👍👍
Comment from : Kyel Humby

who you gonna call ?
Comment from : nails6365

Thomas Burgess
Loving These Vegas Vids Mate!
Comment from : Thomas Burgess

Ryan Murray
Thats gremlins slot seamed to be doing alot keep uo the vids Darren
Comment from : Ryan Murray

Liam Gaynor
The gremlins slot looked rubbish
Comment from : Liam Gaynor

Tommy T
Try Fremont street (old Vegas) better odds than the strip 👍
Comment from : Tommy T

Stuart Morrison
Good luck man
Comment from : Stuart Morrison

Pie Gambler
Those US slots don't half make a song and dance about the tiniest of wins!
Comment from : Pie Gambler

Laura Heath
That gremlins game was playing very well, alot better than the last time you where over :)
Comment from : Laura Heath

Good luck in Vegas!
Comment from : Retrofruits

Graphics on these games are amazing compared to UK FOBT’s....
Comment from : 2011Muttley

Darren Daly
I signed up and completed maximum wagering... cashed out 2k :D.
Comment from : Darren Daly

Jonny Ryan
Ghostbusters looked disappointing. Lots of flashing lights and no backbone. I'll make sure I don't play it when I win your competition.
Comment from : Jonny Ryan

Dylan Oleary
Youve gone vegas just to sit at slot machines in silence. Get drunk have fun shout a little Lol
Comment from : Dylan Oleary

Jammo H aka Devil J
Best slots u done so far uk are and we probably behind asian countries in slots now
Comment from : Jammo H aka Devil J

Awesome video mate! Sounds like someone was winning big behind you
Comment from : Scudd

14 53
Gremlins was half decent.
Comment from : 14 53

Great video. Though I want to see some proper bonuses! Hope you play The Simpsons slot again. Enjoyed that last time!
Comment from : milozach1

Comment from : sixdoublesix

Jay and Kai Family Review
Lovin the vids as always
Comment from : Jay and Kai Family Review

Looks awesome. Great video ;)
Comment from : SlotsRUs

Isaac Ingram
Comment from : Isaac Ingram

Shaun Beveridge
American slots have good graphics. Hope I can win the competition to see for myself USA
Comment from : Shaun Beveridge

craig brooke
You said that gimmick was strange??? Well if there is something strange in the neighbourhood who You gonna call!!!!???
Comment from : craig brooke

ryan paine
Hope I win!!
Comment from : ryan paine

Stephen Nicholson
Keep up the good vids mate
Comment from : Stephen Nicholson

Nick Diaz Army
Get in, class video! Looks brilliant also.
Comment from : Nick Diaz Army

Paul Jacobs
Wild fury $6 spins.
Comment from : Paul Jacobs

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